Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Here are a few of our specific prayers which God has answered…

  • I needed some new sippy cups.  I wanted to buy some, but Ben reminded me we should pray about it.  I needed some with soft spouts for the twins.  I got a $5 coupon at the grocery store, and the sippy cups are $5.49.  We were also given a soft spout sippy in a gift basket from a church where we had a meeting.  “Ironically”, this basket had been packed with someone else in mind – we were filling in for friends who had a baby.  But God knew we would be the ones receiving it!
  • Elaine has been praying for rain boots.  I tried to find some on sale.  I asked Grandma.  No boots.  Then my friend Maggy asked if Elaine needed any boots, because her daughter had three pairs.  Praise the Lord – and Havilah even gave Elaine the boots that matched her rain coat.  I have an excited little girl!
  • Ben’s air compressor broke just before he finished a job on Friday.  We tried to find one on Craigslist, but the cheapest one was quite a distance away.  We settled for buying a new one at Home Depot, but Ben prayed that it would be on sale – and it was!  “Amazingly” it was the same price as the used on on Craigslist!
  • My glasses broke a couple of weeks ago.  It drives me nuts when my glasses aren’t fitting “just right”, so I was really dreading the two week wait for a new pair.  And, we didn’t really have the money for new glasses right now.  (I wear progressive lenses so they are never covered by insurance).  I decided to get an eye exam since mine was a couple of years old.  During the exam the eye doctor noted that I no longer needed the progressive lenses, and that I could try going back to a single vision lens “if I wanted to.”  I sure did!  Those ones are free with my insurance!  (And the broken glasses hardly bothered me during these last two weeks).
  • During our last deputation meeting the video would not play.  We continued singing favorites while the sound crew worked on the problem.  I was praying!  The song leader stopped and prayed for the situation with the entire congregation.  The video worked!
  • We purchased a Windows tablet to use on deputation, but soon discovered that we really needed a laptop.  A friend is getting us a used one from work.  This was a big answer to prayer!

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  1. I'm sorry, I forgot all about the rain boots! Let's call that "Providential" mind block! :)


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