Saturday, March 8, 2014

{10} Months Old

Arggg… behind again!  I blame it on the fact that there is no February 30th.  That’s why I got confused and behind!  Here is the twins’ update for ten months old!

Nehemiah 10 Months  Nehemiah 10 Months

Nehemiah is a total boy!  He loves cars, balls, and making noises.  Now that he does a “real” crawl he has figured out how to do it while pushing a car or truck all around the house.  He is often heard in the back of the van, from his crib, or other parts of the house just humming, “singing”, and making spitting noises.


Nehemiah can stand without support for a few minutes.  He often starts to paly with an object and “forgets” to hold onto the couch/table/chair, and then falls and gets a bonk.  He usually has a purple bruise right in the middle of his forehead.  And if you hold his hands, he practically takes off running. 

Nehemiah 10 Months   Nehemiah 10 Months

Another talent that has recently developed is the ability to open the toilet lid.  I have found him with wet hands several times.  Guess we have to work on keeping the door closed as well! 

Nehemiah 10 Months

If you ask Nehemiah for a kiss and stick your lips out really far, he will come at you with a big, wet, open-mouth “kiss.”  It’s pretty cute – and sloppy!  He is still the smiley boy that gets strangers to stop and comment on how happy he is!  And I think he’s even more adorable with two new top teeth in his smile!  Nehemiah still weighed in at 18 pounds, but he is tall and lanky.  Most of the pants from Nolan fall right off, or he crawls out of them quickly. 

Both of my babies are big eaters.  We just finished our first week in weaning, but they hardly seem to miss the 10 am feeding.  It’s all about waffles and bananas and pizza now!  They love to pick food up and self feed, which makes it challenging for Mommy to get them to eat their veggies.  Liberty in particular loves bananas (which isn’t always great for the regularity).  Each of the babies ate over half of a Belgian waffle in addition to eggs for supper this week.  That’s double what Elaine and Nolan ate!

Liberty 10 Months   Liberty 10 Months
{Liberty wasn’t really into pictures on this day!}

Liberty is super cute these days.  She laughs and giggles, and comes crawling over to be right near me.  She tries to play peek-a-boo, and loves being carried around by Elaine.  She knows exactly where to go to find toys in the kids’ room, and usually comes crawling out of the room with something sticking out of her mouth – a dinosaur, puzzle piece, sock, or whatever.  She particularly loves shoes, and I have a hard time keeping her from playing in the shoe basket by the front door.

Liberty 10 Months

Liberty is…fat!  She has amazing, adorable fat rolls.  Though she only weighs about a pound less than Nehemiah, she is a lot shorter and a lot fatter!  During our trip to Alabama she ate her first bug – or several bugs – and seemed to enjoy it a lot!  She can walk along while holding onto things, but hasn’t gotten up the courage to stand alone yet.  We are still waiting on top teeth to arrive.

Liberty 10 Months

The twins love to play together – and fight together.  They follow each other into the bedroom, and out of the bedroom.  Liberty finds a toy, Nehemiah takes it away.  Liberty throws a fit, Mommy returns the toy.  Nehemiah finds a toy, and Liberty drops her toy to take his away, causing Nehemiah to throw a fit.  And when he throws a fit he bangs his head onto the floor.  It’s a never-ending cycle.  But they also climb on each other and laugh together playing in the floor.  twins are definitely fun!

The twins got to meet Uncle Kenny and Aunt Becky – who live in Florida, but we met them in Knoxville, TN on our trip to AL.  And I did plan to take some pics of the twins together, but just as we started, Nehemiah fell and bonked his head.  That was the end of pictures for the day!

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