Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mommy & Daddy Look-Alikes

The twins seem to be growing at light speed.  I am noticing more individual personality traits.  I am learning their likes.  I am seeing their sin natures.  But I am also seeing that they are very much like a miniature Ben and Andrea.  It wasn’t completely apparent to me at first, but Liberty is definitely looking like a Godby, and Nehemiah is a little Ben (not completely sure if he is more Hamilton or Kuenzi, but he is definitely Ben).

We have been putting together our video for our church plant in the Bronx, so I have been searching through a few old pictures (you know… from way back when they came on film and had to be developed!).  I’ve found several that show a striking resemblance to our twinsies.

Ben's baby pictures
If I didn’t know any different, I would say this was Nehemiah.  It is really Ben.  The hairline, eyes, and the ears sticking out, along with that pointy chin are definitely my little Nehemiah!

Ben's baby pictures
Same thing – could be Nehemiah’s double!

Elaine 14 Weeks portrait daisy dress
This is Elaine.  She also takes after the Hamilton/Kuenzi side, but this picture in particular reminds me of my ever smiling little man.

Nehemiah's Tooth
Nehemiah – first tooth.

Twins 8 Month Photo Shoot    Twins 8 Month Photo Shoot

Twins 8 Month Photo Shoot
Can you see the resemblance?

Here are some of my baby pictures…

Andrea baby pics   Andrea 2 years old
Liberty smiles like this now

Andrea Badingham England 3 months
And these are Liberty’ eyes…

Andrea in high chair in Badingham
Chunky, fat baby with puffy cheeks…

Andrea in puppy bed

Twins 8 Month Photo Shoot   Twins 8 Month Photo Shoot

See?  She can smile!

Ben and I have both been commenting a lot lately that Nehemiah looks just like Ben, and Liberty looks just like me.  Do you see it, or am I going crazy?  (I might be going crazy anyway…)

Here you have it – Little Andrea and Little Ben



And just for the fun of it – these pictures could be my Nolan.  Liberty looks a lot like him too!

Andrea with sandwich in highchair

Andrea with sandwich in highchair
Same cheesy grin!


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  1. Hmmmm . . . I think Elaine looks like Ben. Nolan is like a Godby, especially like one of his uncles. The little ones do look like you both, but I think they are not as clearly one side or another. I think they are adorable, though, and I love the little personalities you can see in the pictures. Very precious family--all of you!


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