Friday, January 31, 2014

{9} Months

Yesterday the twins turned 9 months!  I can hardly believe they are that old… until I try to pick them both up together.  It gives me a backache now!  It seems that every day brings a new skill or a new milestone, and I feel very certain that they will be walking soon.  This mommy is definitely NOT ready for that!

Liberty 9 Months jpg

The picture says it all – she is a fat little girl who is catching up to her brother in weight.  (I weighed them at home, so it may not be completely accurate.)  She is very active – diaper changes are more like diaper wrestles and usually leave me frazzled & frustrated. 

Liberty 9 Months crop   Liberty 9 Months

Liberty still loves bath time.  We have a blue spoon in the bath toys bucket.  Liberty always seeks that toy out in the tub.  Yesterday she dug through the bucket and came up with the blue spoon – it’s definitely a favorite!  If Nehemiah takes it from her she puts her head down and cries, and usually comes up with a face full of bubbles because she forgets she is in the tub!

Liberty 9 Months
Proof that she can laugh & smile!

She is a great eater, but particularly loves to feed herself puffs.  She always gobbles the sweet potatoes or the green veggies, but not so much the fruit.  {What a blessing if that characteristic sticks around!}  She has had rice, potatoes, cheese, and eggs to self-feed also. 

Liberty 9 Months
“classic” Libs right now!

When it’s nap time, Liberty lets you know.  Her cranky side comes out strong, but if you put her in the pack n play she cuddles right down with bunny and goes to sleep.

Liberty  had two teeth come in on January 16th (or at least that’s when Mommy found them).  She said “da-da” on the 19th, and participated in her first missionary deputation meeting on the 22nd!

Nehemiah 9 Months jpg

Nehemiah is my happy, fun-loving, cuddle man.  When he hugs your neck he really squeezes, and it melts my heart every time.  He is super ticklish, especially by his neck.  It doesn’t take much to make him laugh.  He loves to play with his big sister Elaine.

Nehemiah has a really long torso, and he is much taller than Libs.  Weighing only about a pound more than his twin, he is much more lean & skinny.  I even had to take tucks in his pants!

Nehemiah 9 Months

Nehemiah’s favorite meal seems to be breakfast.  And if he doesn’t get it “on time” he really starts screaming.  He’s getting pretty good at throwing a tantrum, actually.  He especially likes to self-feed, so he loves to eat rice.

Nehemiah 9 Months

He gets a lot of enjoyment out of chasing a ball or toy across the floor.  He gets the same enjoyment out of stealing a toy or pacifier from Liberty’s hands.

Nehemiah 9 Months

Nehemiah 9 MonthsNehemiah started clapping on January 15th, the day after he looked at Ben and said “da-da-da-da”.  But if you say “Nehemiah, clap-clap or say da-da” he gets very shy and hides his head and giggles.  He added “mom-mom” to his vocabulary on the 19th, and made “real” crawling his habit on the 24th.  Nehemiah came on deputation with us too :) and quickly won the hearts of everyone he smiled at.

Both twins are sleeping through the night… intermittently.  It seems that they have a secret pact that Mom isn’t allowed to sleep without interruption.  One night it’s Liberty, the next Nehemiah.  Oh well.  Hopefully they’ll grow out of it!

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  1. Those portraits--both word and picture--of your kids are priceless! In a few years, they will be treasured memories. I like how you told about each twin separately. You're quite a mother! Proud of you.


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