Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Little Monkeys

My Uncle Scott gave my kids some costumes for Christmas.  Elaine’s turned out to be a little small {it was a 6-12 months…I think Scott forgot his glasses!}.  We had a good laugh about it.  Nolan’s was a sock monkey costume and fit just right.  I actually already had one at home which I had purchased for our Harvest Party circus theme.  Because of Hurricane Sandy, our Harvest Party had to be cancelled.  But now I have two matching costumes so I decided to save them for the twins.  Might make a cute photo shoot later?

Elaine was convinced that one costume was for her, so I let her try it on to prove it was too small.  It is too small, but just barely.  She wiggled into it and then convinced Nolan into his costume.  I snapped some pictures, though Nolan didn’t seem to like all of the layers he was wearing!

The Sock Monkeys

Nolan was much happier once I unsnapped his leggings and let him sit in my lap!

The Sock Monkeys

The Sock Monkeys

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