Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Revisiting My Childhood

Today I did something that I haven't done in forever.  In fact, as I was thinking about it...I'm pretty sure I haven't done this since before Elaine was born.  That's almost three years ago, people.
My kids joined me in this activity.  And while it didn't involve Starbucks or chocolate {two of my favorite things}, retail therapy or eating {two of my favorite activities}, we still had a blast.
This particular activity is something that I grew up doing with my own daddy.  At least once a week...summer or winter...rain or shine.  He taught me how to do it, and to do it well.  What is it?  Maybe this picture will help you:
Yes...we washed the car!  By hand! For free!  When I started driving, I "traded" washing and cleaning the inside and outside of the car every week for my insurance payment.  Dad is pretty picky when it comes to his cars, so he taught us to be picky about taking care of them.  I kept it up through college. But then I became an apartment dweller and the weekly car washings went by the wayside. 
In Virginia Beach I would go to the quarter wash with my bucket and chamois and hand wash my car in the long as no one was waiting.  But in NYC I don't even know where a quarter wash is.  So I go once a month on Wednesdays to the car wash to save 10% on "Ladies Day."  Once a month.  If I'm lucky.  That's a far cry from once a week!
Since we are visiting the Hamiltons in Mass., and since they have a hose, and since it was a warm afternoon, I grabbed a bucket and went to town.  Nolan had soap everywhere - even between his pacifier and his mouth.  Elaine had soap everywhere - mostly on the ground.  I filled that 5 gallon bucket up 3 times!
How's that bubble beard look?

He desperately wanted to spray the nozzle, but since he isn't strong enough he finally settled for the sponge.
So, Dad.  I introduced my kids to car washing...the real way...for the first time today.  The first time!  It's not likely to become a habit since we live in the City.  Next time they will return to their original definition of "washing the car": pay to take it through the machine.  But I tried.  For you. 
Love, Andrea

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