Thursday, March 5, 2009

Israel Pictures, Take 1

Well, we have returned from the Holy Land safe, sound, and exhausted! We finished our tour on Tuesday, March 3, around 5:30 pm Israel time. It was the Garden Tomb, and a perfect way to finish up a great tour. We had dinner at our hotel and then headed from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv for a midnight flight. Add together 8 full days of touring, the disappointment of this being our last day, a 12 hour flight beginning at midnight, and a 7 hour time change, and an 8 hour drive from Newark to home, and you have the recipe for exhausted!
Here is the first round of pictures from our trip. My pictures totalled 564, and I am still in the process of editing and tagging them.

Day 1: Arrived Tel-Aviv around 7:30 am. We went through passport control, recovered our luggage, met our guide (more on him to follow), and loaded into the tour bus. We stopped to see old Jaffa (Joppa - from Jonah in the OT) in Tel-Aviv on our way north to Tiberius. We spent a lot of time at the ruins in Caesarea on the coast. Then we stopped for a falafel for lunch and settled in for the drive to Tiberius. We took a few pictures of the Sea of Galilee, and then arrived at our hotel for showers and dinner.

Ben and Andrea at the Mediterranean Sea near Caesarea

The Hamiltons at an aqueduct built by Herod near Caesarea - (L to R) Evan, Ben, Andrea, Jim/Dad, Sissy/Mom, Meredith

Evan and Ben near the ruins of the Roman bathhouse in Caesarea

My first Falafel in Israel! (Only one of them is mine... I was watching Ben's while he took the picture)

The view of the Sea of Galilee upon entering Tiberius

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