Saturday, December 6, 2008

My hubby is soooo funny!

Wire hangers annoy me. Ben's uniforms come back from the uniform-cleaning-people--you guessed it--on wire hangers. That's 12-14 annoyances every week that come into our home. When the new set of uniforms is brought home the empty set of hangers usually continues to hang in the closet, until there are so many empties that the clean uniforms won't fit. The reason for this is simple. Since wire hangers don't get along with me, I delegate the job to Ben. Ben doesn't get annoyed with wire hangers, he just ignores them. He just doesn't think about it most of the time--he brings the uniforms home, hangs them up, and ignores the empty hangers.

Yesterday he was being proactive, so he pulled the empty hangers out of the closet. But then his ornery streak took control, and he decided to leave me a present. I came back to the closet to find this--my closet door {decorated} with wire hangers. Ha ha. Ben is soooooo funny.

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