Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ben turns 23...a regular old man now!

On July 22 (yesterday) Ben had his 23rd birthday. This was his first birthday on which we were able to be together. Two years ago I was in Spain, and last year I was in Colorado planning a wedding. Ben still had to the hot...the heat index was 105. But since his last customer cancelled he was able to be home at a decent time. We had stromboli for dinner - Ben's request, and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting - also Ben's request. It was his first cake in three years, because he hasn't been home for a birthday since his freshman year of college. Actually, it still is his first cake in three years. There is a lot of it remaining, as you can imagine!

Ben received his birthday present on Saturday. We went shopping and picked out two new suits. He only had one suit that survived college, and a suit that was given to him (but has never been quite right after they tailored it down). He picked out a nice blue 4-button suit and a dark khaki 3-button suit. He will get a black suit for a wedding in September. The suits were a gift from Mom and Dad Godby, Mom and Dad Hamilton, and Wifey (that's me!).

We plan to attend the Norfolk Tides baseball game on Friday night as our birthday celebration. The Tides are the AAA team for the Baltimore Orioles - Ben's favorite team.

Happy 23rd Birthday Ben!

I always knew he was full of hot air!

Benny-the-birthday-boy and his wifey

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