Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At the Airport

I'm sitting in the Newport News Williamsburg International Airport waiting for my flight to Orlando. I am going to spend five days with my best girlfriend Danielle Cristin DeVane. We haven't been together since my wedding almost nine months ago. And that wasn't a normal week - we didn't have much "together" time.
The NN Airport is a small airport. I'm not really sure why this ticket was cheaper than Norfolk. There are a total of ten gates. There is no Starbucks. That's really depressing. I will sit here for four hours (because Ben had to drop me off and make the hour commute back to start work at a semi-decent time). I don't mind. It gave me time to post this blog.
This will be the longest separation that Ben and I have had since our wedding. The only other time we were apart is when I went to Ambassador for three days to see Kenny, Wesley, Erika, and my other friends. I felt bad to leave him. He won't eat so great (even though there are leftovers) and he will have to make his own lunch for five whole days. He probably won't sleep so great. But he might get some reading and studying done. I'm sure the time will fly by...at least for me.

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