Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Finished with School!

I was very excited to send off my last grade report today!  Nolan finished school a couple of weeks ago, and Elaine completed her last subject today.


IMG_4108    IMG_4106

Super proud of Nolan!  He’s reading very well, and he excels at math.  In fact, he’s going to do first grade math this summer so that he can bump up to second grade math!  He cried when I told him that he was on his very last math paper for the year!

Elaine's Last Day of 2nd Grade

Elaine's Last Day of 2nd Grade     Elaine's Last Day of 2nd Grade

Elaine is also doing well.  Excellent, actually.  She pulled straight A’s this year, with her lowest average for the year was a 95.  She is beyond bored with her reading program because she is reading at a much higher level than her age.  In reading she was supposed to read three chapter books.  The teacher said, “Have you ever read a whole chapter book before?”  Um, yes.  Dozens upon dozens.  She can whiz through a Boxcar Children book or a Mandie book in a day.  I really need to get back to a public library because my wallet can’t afford all these books!  Needless to say, we are going to move up to fourth grade reading next year!

Big difference from the first day of school!  Proud mama here!

First Day of School 2016

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