Friday, May 19, 2017

Twinsie Four Year Portraits

Nehemiah 4 Year Portraits
Couldn’t resist this one since its a face I see multiple times a day!

Nehemiah 4 year Portraits   Nehemiah 4 year Portraits

Nehemiah loves all things boy and sports.  He is a very fast runner and gets easily discouraged when he doesn’t win!  He always wants his hair buzzed because he doesn’t like me to comb it.  He is almost OCD about a lot of things…which makes him fairly neat and organized.  He gets dressed and makes his bed first thing upon waking up every morning.  Nehemiah loves Bill Peet books and “Are You My Mother.”  His favorite movie (along with all of my kids) is Wild Kratts, and his favorite animal is wild horse.  (But if you ask him tomorrow the answer may be different!)  Nehemiah loves tacos and anything served with sour cream.  He can usually be easily located because he is always singing.  He tends to be monochromatic but is learning to add more color to his pictures.

Twins 4 Year Portraits  Twins 4 Year Portraits

Twins 4 Year Portraits   Twins 4 Year Portraits
These two play well together, although we are already hearing “I’m taller” from Nehemiah and “Yeah, but I’m the oldest” from Liberty!

Liberty 4 Year Portraits

Liberty 4 Year Portraits    Liberty 4 Year Portraits

Liberty is half girly-girl and half tomboy! She loves her purses and lip balm and baby dolls but gets right in there with whatever Nehemiah and Nolan are doing too.  On walks she can usually be found on her hands and knees digging in the dirt looking for bugs and rocks. Sometimes we call her the “bug whisperer”.  She is still a water baby and is in her happy place whenever water play is involved. She also loves anything served with sour cream, and is a sweet tea drinker!  Liberty loves Wild Kratts and “Horton Hatches the Egg” (along with any Bill Peet books).  She still has curly red hair and a fiery attitude to go with it.  She’s a pretty good helper around the house and can’t wait to start school like Elaine.  One of her favorite activities is feeding the sheep and goats at the zoo.  She loves stickers and coloring and all things art.

Double the Trouble!

Double the Fun!

I love my twinsies!

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