Friday, January 20, 2017

Weekend Review

Here are the captures of our week…

Cursive Lessons began in Handwriting.  She was nervous for a couple of weeks prior to this, and then she just wasn’t happy with her letters so she chose to practice (and reward) on her own time until it “looked like her teacher’s writing.” 

Snow Day!

First bug.  Our house is infected with these lady-bug like bugs.

Marshmallow roasting at Grandpa Fezzie’s while Daddy is out of town.

Meeting Bart.  Note:  Bart is not exactly friendly since he’s old and set in his ways, especially to inquisitive one year olds.

Big Boy!

The Berkshire Museum with Auntie Meredith.  She works here and took us in for free.  The kids had a great time!  (Meredith told them to look like kings and queens.  Liberty is the Queen of Laughs).

Learning to play chess.

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