Friday, December 9, 2016

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

We’ve been home for about two weeks now.  KNowing that we don’t have to resume consistent road travel has allowed us to settle in a bit, even though we are in temporary housing.  And, some things that are not conducive to life on the road have been very nice to add back into daily life.  Here are a few of my favorites right now!

The Majesty and Glory of Christmas

My all time favorite Christmas CD!  I love the mesh of familiar and less-known carols all woven together to tell the Christ story!

New Comforter – Hotel Style

Thank you anniversary money!  This is one aspect of living in a hotel that I really enjoyed, so we were able to get a great sale on one of our own!

The Okay To Wake Clock

This little gadget glows green at a preset time to signal kids that it’s okay to get out of bed.  If they wake up before the green light, they know to stay quiet and in bed.  This has enabled me to shower and read my Bible before the kids all come tumbling out each morning.  We also have a semi-regular breakfast time and school start time.  But…I made a DIY version to save a lot on the price tag!  Post coming soon!

Buddha Bath

I picked up some of their soap and body butter at the Pike Place Market in Seattle.  Soap bars are a mess when traveling, so I was excited to get home and away from body wash!  I chose the Lilac scent and it is heavenly!  The body butter is light and non-greasy and perfectly moisturizing.

Nantucket Cranberry Pie

This recipe popped up in one of my favorite blogs recently.  I am not normally a cranberry fan, but I tried it out and we all loved it!  Bonus: it’s quick and easy to make too (no pie crust needed)!

Homemakers Friend Planner

Mom gave me one of these last year.  I loved the layout, but I wore through the cover and tabs quickly.  This year she took it in to Staples to have the cover extra-laminated!  It’s a great bargain for a good planner with Scripture verses and a place for meal planning, without a lot of extra fluff that I never get around to using!

Busy Mama Bible Studies

I’ve blogged about them before…but I continue to be blessed by this method of in depth study that I can complete in a few minutes a day, around my full “busy mama” schedule.  There are three new “live” studies a year, or you can browse the archives, or purchase a print or PDF copy.  Favorites so far are Ephesians 6 and 1 Corinthians 13!


I’ve heard Pam talk about using a Moleskine for the Busy Mama Bible Studies, but I finally bought one to try.  I loved hand writing my notes this time, and the notebook is neither too thick that I feel wasteful, or too thin that I can’t use several pages each day.  Love them! 

Family Picture

First time we’ve really done a professional “photo shoot”, and we owe our thanks to Mom who paid for an extended family session while we were all together in Colorado for Thanksgiving.  Mine is the lock screen on my phone now, and I smile every time I pick it up…  Thanks to Raquel Salvo!


What are some of your newest favorite things?

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