Friday, November 20, 2015

Who Does Henry Look Like?

As I’ve been looking at Henry these last couple of weeks I keep having flash backs to when Elaine was this age.  So many times I look at him and I see baby Elaine!  But then some people say he looks like Nolan or Nehemiah.  So here are some fun comparison pictures…

Newborn Pics of the Kiddos:

P014-LTPP0014104599JCP-3   Nolan's Newborn Portraits
              Elaine                                                           Nolan

Liberty's Newborn Portraits   Nehemiah's Newborn Portraits
                  Liberty                                                          Nehemiah

Henry Tad Newborn Portraits

Name that Baby!  In all of the below sets, Elaine is on the left and Henry is on the right.

Elaine 3 Months   IMG_6360 

Elaine 10 Weeks First Rattle  Henry 11 Weeks Old
Same bubbly mouths

  Elaine 10 Weeks Holding Head Up  Henry Tad Pushing Up
Same rough hair days…

Elaine 10 Weeks  IMG_6363

Elaine 14 Weeks Bumbo with rattle  IMG_6346

Elaine  Henry 11 Weeks Old
These two are definitely my “tongue babies” – it’s always sticking out there!

The Kids at ~3 Months Old

At this age Henry seems to favor the Godby side (Nolan and Liberty), I think.  Unless I compare him to Elaine.  He always reminds me of Elaine (but I think she favors the Hamilton side).

Elaine 14 weeks faces hair   Nolan in the Crib
Elaine | Nolan

Nolan's baseball pants  Liberty & Nehemiah at 3 months
Nolan | Nehemiah & Liberty

Twins in the Bumbo  Henry 11 Weeks Old
Nehemiah & Liberty | Henry

I guess the only thing to say is…

Henry is a Hamilton!  He definitely looks like he belongs in our family!

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  1. I think he looks more like Elaine than any of the others. I always did. But, he will grow and change--already has--and he may surprise us. Cute, definitely! I think he might look like his daddy when he grows up. :o) Enjoyed the pictures!


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