Friday, August 7, 2015

38 Weeks

I have been very bad about posting updates for this pregnancy.  I guess that’s how it goes with baby #5?!?  We have been busy traveling and I really haven’t been focused on the pregnancy because there was so much that would happen before baby’s arrival.  Some days I haven’t noticed the pregnancy, because of my busyness with the other four kids.  Some days I can’t ignore the acid reflux, back pain, and inability to bend over and sweep up my dust pile!

So now here we are with less than two weeks until due date, and I have finally unpacked some baby clothes, packed a hospital bed, and purchased a stroller.  Since we are moving about two weeks after the baby’s arrival, there isn’t much else to do or prepare.  There won’t be a decorated nursery or beautiful crib set up this time.  This baby will sleep in a pack n play for most of his first year of life, most likely.  We resume deputation traveling in September and expect to be at the temporary housing for only about two weeks (if that long) through the end of 2015.  Life is flying by at 80 mph!

I feel much bigger this time around, and my belly is nice and round.  (It was never that way with Elaine and Nolan).  Yet I haven’t gained as much weight…I’m not sure how all of that works!  The lowness of baby already is giving me a definite waddle to my gait, and hindering most outings with the older four kids.  I don’t go anywhere unless I am sure there is a restroom at every stop, or about every 15 minutes!  This makes walks to the park hard, and outings of any length require quite a few resting stops.

2015-6-15 ultrasound #2Baby boy at almost 35 weeks

I haven’t really had cravings – they go back and forth depending on the day.  I often really want a soda, but it has given me terrible reflux this pregnancy.  I eat a lot of ice and refill our four ice cube trays multiple times a day.  Saltine crackers are a constant companion, even at this stage in the pregnancy.  Liberty calls them “cookies” and is always sneaking into my room to snitch one from the night stand.

#5 Almost 36 WeeksAlmost 36 Weeks

Baby boy’s fluid in the kidneys is staying stable and well below the concern level.  This is a huge answer to prayer.  He may not even need testing directly after birth.  The midwife is continuing to monitor the status with an ultrasound at each visit.  Last week Elaine went with me to the doctor and was able to hear the heartbeat.  “Wow, is it going to be that loud when he’s born, too?”  she commented.

I haven’t taken as many baby bump pictures either, but I got one on Sunday with my friend Jeni.  She is due 10 days after me, with a girl.  We have the same midwife and hospital, so we may end up as roommates!

11817143_867497626619505_3987009333777177348_n37.5 weeks

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