Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pictures from our Week

A few pictures from our week:

We are trying desperately to finish school.  It means double lessons each day while we are settled into one place.  It also means three other kiddos who are "stuck" inside and finding "things" to keep them busy.  Like this...

Pens from Mommy's school box.  She always writes on her cheeks.  Saves me from spot-treating the clothes!

Reading together.  "Go, Dog, Go!" is a favorite.  You should hear Nehemiah read it!

Elaine did four school lessons in one day!  She wants that summer vacation!

We all went and "played" baseball.  Not just batting practice, but running the bases!  We were all on both teams, and the twins rarely ran where we told them to.  But it was fun!

Liberty sat here for quite a while one day because she wouldn't speak to Daddy when told to.  Amazing how much sin affects us - even at this age!

Lunch with old friends, Mike & Gizelle Greene!  Mrs. Greene set up a tent picnic for the kiddos and they loved it!

Last Math paper for K-5

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