Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Off to a Great Start???

I have written before about the "other side" of deputation.  It's not just all a great vacation as you travel across the country!  And since my next post will likely have some pictures from Niagara Falls (it's been on my bucket list for a while, and it's en route to our next stop), I wanted to go on record again saying it's not all a walk in the park. 
Today I am thankful that we have been in one place for four days at this beginning of our big deputation trip out west.  We were never able to book a meeting for last night, so we ended up staying at the same church for a Sunday and a Wednesday.  It seems a little counter-productive to getting into as many churches as possible.  But God knew we would need a "home base" for a few days - even at the beginning.  (I anticipate reaching a point in this trip where I want to just "park" and set down a few roots rather than constantly being on the move).
This is how our days have gone so far...
Monday brought 14" of snow (or more) and subzero temperatures.  It was windy also, continuing into Thursday.  It nwouldn't have been a good time to be on the road.
We needed to make a volcano for school.  Though not absolutely necessary, I knew it would be fun.  Here in Rome, NY they have a Wal-Mart where I could get supplies inexpensively.  (It seems silly, but Wal-Mart is one of the first places I like to go upon leaving the City!)  Staying in one place for several days also provided us the opportunity to be able to do such a project.

Tuesday Ben went to work at the pastor's home.  He ended up having a run-in with a saw, and had to get 8 stitches in his chin.  Thankfully we are in still in New York State, so the bill should be covered by our health insurance.   I think we will remember Friendship Baptist Church for a while...especially when Ben looks in the mirror or goes to shave!

Tuesday night was a sleepless night as Elaine was up puking every 10-15 minutes between 11:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m., and quite a few times after that also.  I shudder to think of having a stomach bug like that in a moving van with four children.  (Please pray that it was just something she ate, and not a bug that the others will catch.  We WILL be in a moving van today and tomorrow!).
I had thought to leave my laundry mat days behind for a few months at least, but I have been there twice in the last three days.  I'm thankful we were in a place where we could easily go out and do that, and not have to arrive somewhere with a lot of mess to take care of immediately.
I'm thankful that the Prophet's Chamber was a good size, so as not to be too confining for the kids with so much indoor time.  I'm also thankful for God's provision for a full gas tank, and lodging tonight.
It may not have been the start to deputation that I anticipated,  but God always knows what is best.

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