Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Maineiac Hike

My kids have thoroughly enjoyed this week in Maine.  They have gotten to explore and enjoy the Great Outdoors in ways they didn't know existed.  Living in NYC, rocks and sticks and leaves are the only novelties to collect on a walk.  Here they have hiked, canoed, chased butterflies, romped in the grass, picked up toads, collected wildflowers, foraged for wild berries, and enjoyed picnic lunches.
Yesterday we went for a hike in the Bigelow Preserve here in Stratton, ME.  We were hoping that the road would take us to the lake, but it didn't go all the way through.  We parked on a logging road to hike to the lake, but after a while the foliage became too dense for the kids (and for Mommy who was carrying a baby!).  We had a picnic in the woods.  The kids loved sitting on a dead tree to eat. 
Elaine found some tiny toads and chased them.  Liberty got in on the action.  There were tons of wild raspberry bushes so we stole a snack from the bears (and then got out before they found out it was us!).  It was totally worth all the bug bites and raspberry bush scratches!
Beautiful Maine mountains - not the Rockies but still lovely!
My mountain kiddos
A little closer up...
I zoomed in to take this picture.  Nolan was ahead of us, and suddenly I looked up and he was missing.  I called out to him, and his head popped up among the wildflowers!
Beautiful butterflies.  So hard for the kids not to touch! 
Liberty's toad.  She squeezed...a little too hard.
Not sure if this one survived, and she sure didn't like letting it go!
My kids are collecting grandparents all around the country.  This is the twins and Elaine with Mr. Pease.  His grandkids are all on the mission field - Newfoundland, Canada, and Siberia, Russia.

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