Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I found this picture from a couple of weeks ago.  We went and cleaned the church carpets, and this is how we kept the twins entertained and out of trouble.

Church Work Night

Last week we were in Lewiston Maine with our friends the Kelly’s.  I “lost” Nehemiah on Sunday night prior to the service.  When I found him I saw his little head just popping up between the “big guys” as they were having choir practice.  Maybe he will be my singer!

Nehemiah in Choir Practice

Elaine picked this bouquet of wildflowers for me.  They are the first non-dandelion flowers from my kiddos!

Elaine's Wildflowers

Elaine's Wildflowers

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  1. Precious! Love the photos always, but Elaine is growing up so fast, and the pictures with the flowers are gorgeous. LOVE!


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