Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Snow

It is snowing right now.  According to the weather channel it was predicted to start tonight and we might get an inch.  After enjoying a late brunch of eggs and pumpkin pancakes, we looked out the window to see the large wet flakes beginning to fall.  It didn’t take long before the swimming pool and lawn furniture in our neighbor’s back yard were accumulating the white fluff.

First NYC Snow

Elaine was a little more than excited to see the snow falling.  We donned hats, mittens, coats, and snow pants to go for a quick tramp out front in the snow.  There wasn’t much to be had because the snow isn’t sticking to the ground yet, but Elaine was thrilled!

First NYC Snow  First NYC Snow

First NYC Snow

First NYC Snow

We read on the news today that this is the earliest snow NYC has received since the Civil War!  This is Nolan’s first snow, but since he is still napping he doesn’t really know what he is missing!

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