Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pictures from the Meader Wedding

Introducing -

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Meader

~ KISS ~

We requested a kiss of Donny & Erika at the reception. (When Donny & Erika had their FIRST kiss during the ceremony, I couldn't see it from the piano bench. Ben said it was nice and long. Donny really went at it).

The Hamiltons and the Meaders

Ben & Andrea - all dressed up for the wedding!

Andrea & Erika. I played the piano for the ceremony and postlude.

The groom and his men - Donny, Scott DeVane (best man), Jeremiah Clark, Ben (yes - he was a groomsman), and Brian (from Donny's church in CT).

Erika - waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin. Isn't she a beautiful bride?

Donny & Erika make their exit from the reception hall. The weather was rainy. The groomsmen had stuffed the getaway car with balloons. Erika had to throw some balloons out the window before she could get into the car!

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