Works for Me: Picture Organization

I have a lot of digital pictures, and I have found a great program to organize and edit them. It is the Memory Manager program from Creative Memories. I was sold on this program before I knew all of its capabilities. Now that I am learning everything it can do, I am even more excited about it!

It offers easy organization of your photos. Everything is organized by People, Events, and Places. You create folders based on things you do over and over again, and drop your photos into the folders. To locate your photo, you can search by timeline, by search phrase, or by star (every pic can receive up to a five star rating). For example, Under "Events" I have a sort box called "Holidays", and within that sort box I have a folder for "Christmas". All of my Christmas pictures, every year, go into this folder. To look at the pictures from 2008 only, I simply click "2008" on my timeline, and the filter is applied.

The editing features are simple to use. I can't believe some of the differences in my pictures just with one click! It also has double protection. Every time you exit the program it creates a "shadow copy" of the changes you made to your pictures. You can also do a backup to external hard drive or CD/DVD to insure that your priceless photos are protected.

Memory Manager works hand in hand with Storybook Creator Plus to design custom digital scrapbooks. Taking your pictures from one program to the next happens in one click. I am not a digital scrapbooker, but I am considering adding it to my repertoire.

If you have a lot of digital pictures, and they need organization, I would highly recommend this product. You can order it on CD directly from Creative Memories, you can download it from the website, or you can find a consultant in your area, and she will get you started on your organization. This program is well worth the investment!

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